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Post OP Roux En Y Diet – Stage1 – Clear Liquids

If you undergo a Roux en Y OP, the post OP diet is very important for a successful outcome and to avoid complications. Right after you wake up from the operation you will feel hungry but need to wait for the surgeons approval to drink some liquids to avoid dehydration. You won’t be allowed to eat any other food than clear liquids.

After the surgeon approves it, you will be allowed to drink some small zips of water at first, followed by unsweetened juices like apple juice and clear broth. If you drink tea it should be decaffeinated. Caffeine should be avoided in general in a post OP Roux En Y diet because it is a diuretic, which will force your body to lose water and dehydration is the most important thing you need to avoid after this gastric bypass operation. As you will be only able to intake small amounts, the risk of dehydration is anyway “on the plate”, so you don’t want to boost this risk additional.

In the first 18 to 24 hours after the Roux En Y Diet you might be able to drink about 30 ml clear liquids each hour. The intake of it is very important and you have to drink very slow to ensure your body can absorb it.

On the second day after your Gastric Bypass surgery you usually can raise the amount to 60 ml each hour. When you stay at the hospital for a few days you will get served probably more than this amount, but you don’t need to finish all. It is really more important that you drink very slow but constantly.

Don’t use a straw in any instance to drink liquids during stage 1 of your post OP diet. When using a straw, you will swallow some amounts of air. This air in your newly formed pouch will cause it to send your brain signals that it is already full and you have of course less space for liquids. When you cannot drink anymore because of that you increase the risk of dehydration extremely. Avoid drinking with a straw (better any carbonated drinks) during your post Roux en Y OP diet and your recovery phase.

Last but not least, avoid any kind of “red liquids”. It is not that unusual that your body needs a little bit time to adjust to your new digestion system. During this adjustment period you might feel nausea from time to time as well as the urge to vomit. If you have to vomit and had some “red liquids” earlier, it might be wrongly mistaken as blood in your vomit which is a sign for internal bleeding, a very serious complication.

However, if you stick to the rules and advices of your surgeon you will be fine. Whenever you feel uncomfortable or have pain call the nurse. They are trained to support your needs and guide you safely through the first stage of your post OP Roux en Y diet.