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What Is The Price Of A Roux-en-Y Surgery

Are you thinking about a gastric bypass surgery to get rid of obesity? Perhaps you’re wondering how much the surgery will cost you, and if it is covered by insurance.

Plan to spend a lot to be able to lose weight. Nowadays a weight loss or bariatric surgery costs about $ 20,000 to $ 35,000. As a matter of fact, the cost of a gastric bypass surgery decreased significantly in late years. It varies depending on the quality of the surgery itself, the knowledge of the physician, the medical team that will be involved in the surgery, and other past surgery services that a patient will use.

Health insurance coverage for gastric bypass surgery patients.

Is the cost of gastric bypass surgery covered by insurance? If a patient has a insurance which covers this form of surgery, he might pay a portion of the expense or none at all. Multiple insurance companies have considered obesity as a acute health issue, so they cover some or all costs of the weight loss surgery. This is since the gastric bypass surgery can effectively save them funds in the long run. Health insurance coverage for weight loss surgery depends on the general regulations of the insurance company itself and the patient’s own insurance and the state where the patient is located (since there could be no insurance coverage in some states). Also, insurance coverage is only presented to qualified candidates or those who meet exact criteria established by ones insurance company.

Following some criteria a patient for a gastric bypass surgery must fulfill:

  • Obesity for at least five years before surgery
  • At least 100 lbs excess weight
  • Displayed great attempts to drop weight with diet and working out, but to no avail
  • No past of alcoholism
  • No history of depression or more psychiatric disorders

To enjoy the insurance coverage, the patient (with the help of the physician or clinic) is required to organize some forms to the insurance company. One of the needed forms contain a letter of medical necessity, which generally indicates the patient’s weight or BMI (body mass index), obesity-related diseases (eg. Diabetes, hypertension, etc.) and the duration of the patients obesity, among others.

On the other hand, gastric bypass surgery patients who are not covered by insurance, cover the costs themselves. This self-pay patients can apply for private loans to pay for the operation, but this payment alternative comes with interest charge.

Costs after a gastric bypass surgery

The cost of a gastric bypass surgery should include the costs following the actual surgery. A adjustment of lifestyle following the surgery results in certain costs as sports center memberships for the workout and other sets of outfits that need to be replaced a number of times at some stage in the route of losing weight.

Added to the financial effort, there are emotional and physical aspects coming as well with the gastric bypass surgery. Foremost, the patient will have to adapt to another lifestyles and changes in his body, which can lead to elevated levels of stress and discomfort, particularly in the weeks after surgery. The physical factor of the gastric bypass surgery involves following in the suggested diet to prevent vital complications and health troubles.